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Hello all,
this is great news! I haven’t expected that so early. Last week I have created additional accounts for new swiftexperts members. Still the number is one digit, but we’ve got interest!

Maybe something big
I believe we can attract more Swift experts and also people who are interested in bank connectivity world. This place is not for sales and marketing presentations. Other sites are already full of it. Actually how we will use this opportunity is really very open.

What’s your ideas?
Please comment here how do you see your contribution? Post interesting articles regarding your experience? Share useful tips&trick? Internally/Externally? There is a lot to do 🙂

Help to grow
Posting interesting articles or help others is really good way how to show your expertise and being better recognized on the market. If this site will help you in such way, it would be wonderful.

How to share your thoughts
Easiest way is to become member of swiftexperts community. Then you will have possibility to create your own posts and publish them. Good tip is to post a link on various social networks like linked-in.
Also using swiftexperts email can give you some advantage.

– adding possibility to share also via FTP/SFTP server
– create internal guides, documents..
– list of members

Looking forward for your comments! And good luck and don’t give up!

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4 thoughts on “SwiftExperts Community Is Growing

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    Mohammad Diba

    It made me surprised when I saw this address, I had had the same idea but fortunately Martin has started this great work better than any one. I admire him and his movement and I’m sure very soon he will gather all swift experts together. We already have swiftcommunity.net but this could be different. We can have categorized and specialized forums, we can discuss what is not discussed there. We may share our technical experiences, problems and solutions.

  • Kiprono Rugut
    Kiprono Rugut

    I totally agree. This forum will enable us share our ideas, experiences and frustrations on various SWIFT technologies. Looking forward to reading and posting some interesting articles soon