swiftcommunity.net will be closed (UPDATE) 7

UPDATE: Now this info is official and you can find public statement on swift.com.Β One alternative which SWIFT mentioned is Blogging:Wordpress. I think they mean us πŸ™‚ !!

According Information report IR633 called Project Focus – review of product portfolio from SWIFT’s Board papers swiftcommunity.net project will be decommisioned and few other products as well. Read more in article..

If you visit swiftcommunity forum, you will notice it is dying. Maybe someone thought that without push it will live and grow. But still somethimes you can find interesting information there. I believe that this is just part of SWIFT refocus on new strategy which in short is about “Focus on what is your core business”. So other activities which has no direct impact on FIN messagings etc will be closed. Hopefuly it is not some kind of evil activity to supress possibility to openly ask questions in SWIFT community.
For our community in swiftexperts.com this might be breakthrough. We might get more interest and more members. Fortunately here we do not have any limitations in opinions except IPRs (Intelectual Property Rights).
So how about other products which will be cancelled. Check attached picture,



I also add some summary what Board papers contains. Unfortunately I do not ahve an access to them. If someone have it, please contact me. I’m interested in few of those.

Executive reports (ER) and Board papers (BP)
– SWIFT User Admission and Termination process (ER 1119)
– Composition of Advisory Groups (BP 1142)
– Enhancing reference data accuracy using contained FIN message extractionΒ (DP 179)
– BIC update (DP 180)

Information Reports
– CEO report (IR 632)
– Project Focus – review of product portfolio (IR 633)
– SWIFT2015 Refocused (IR 634)
– Status MT/MX migration programme (IR 635)
– Further enhancing the roles of the National Member and User GroupsΒ as ambassadors in the SWIFT community (IR 636)
– Banking and Payments Quarterly review (IR 628)
– Securities and Treasury Quarterly Review (IR 630)
– Operational Performance Report (IR 631)
– Standards Quarterly Review (IR 629)




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7 thoughts on “swiftcommunity.net will be closed (UPDATE)

  • Kiprono Rugut
    Kiprono Rugut

    I was surprised to see the forum post on the website regarding the closure. I think that is not a wise move as some sections of the SWIFT community are still vibrant. Anyway at least as you wrote Martin, the swiftexperts website stands to gain from new members so i guess there is an upside to this πŸ™‚

    • Martin Ullmann
      Martin Ullmann Post author

      Hello Daniel πŸ˜‰
      According Swift there is no need to have own platform in a time where all people using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or blogs like this one. I think that real reason was that there was no profit πŸ™
      Swift would be happy to help you but not for free. And to be honest swiftcommunity.net was no so active as it was expected. Community needs to have leaders, drivers, enthusiasts to survive. I see as biggest problem the fact that all existing knowledge is lost and all connections are gone. On the other side it will raise a demand for such initiatives like this swiftexperts.com site.

  • reinhard lehmann
    reinhard lehmann

    obviously, the closing has been postponed. There is still activity after 31st Dec.2013 – (life after death?)
    best regards, R.Lehmann
    09 Jan 2014 by Jimmy Mathew Kolapron
    Difference between SAA and SAG
    Can someone help me regarding the technical difference between SAA and SAG?