Swift On-Boarding exam info – Easy One 19

There were people asking about more details. Finally I took a change and got it on first try. It’s simple. Only one choice questions divided into 2 categories. I was done in 30 minutes from 1,5 hour. IF you are having experience with Swift customers on-boarding, helping them with SO requests, helping with readiness, testing etc. it shouldn’t be a problem to pass this exam.
Also I do recommend to attend Swift online training. The training was little bit boring but you’ve got good summary in PDF where is all needed info for exam. There are no tricky questions. If you have more specific questions, please use commentary.


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19 thoughts on “Swift On-Boarding exam info – Easy One

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    Thanks Martin for this Post. It has given a limelight since I have already attended the web class. The scenario questions seem tricky so if you don’t mind can post at least one sample.

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    Mohammad Diba

    I do confirm this. I did the same, 93% Basics and 70% Scenario in just 30 minutes.
    I know also some persons who are not professional enough but they have passed the exam just after attending the online course.
    PS: Congratulations Martin šŸ˜‰

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        Thanks guys I have the confidence and believe will also make it. Now one scenario question for my revision that I would like anyone to help me out. It goes like this; A bank wants to join SWIFT through a service bureau. This bank has an average of more than 1000 messages per day. Which kit would you advise the bank to subscribe to?

        • Martin Ullmann
          Martin Ullmann Post author

          Hi Nelson,
          I would suggest Alliance Essential Kit. Normally this Kit is up to 1000 messages per day.. If it is more I think customer can order higher BAND license. Actually Service Bureau needs to know customer SAA BAND -2? -1?? anyway due to re-licensing.

          • Reinhard Lehmann
            Reinhard Lehmann

            Actually Service Bureau needs to know customer SAA BAND -2? -1?? anyway due to re-licensing.
            Dear Martin,
            I think the SAA band is not relevant, it may serve as an example – but there are SBs w’out SAAs. Nevertheless, the Essentials-Kit may be usefull.
            In SB’s actually I think, it is the sum of of members traffic which finally defines the linespeed and Windowsize for the SB SWIFT connection, and the total traffic may well be much more than 1’000.
            regards, reinhard

            n.B. Onboarding: Congratulations! – and thanks for the information. I still have to do it, – registered for it on Feb. 21st

          • Martin Ullmann
            Martin Ullmann Post author

            @Reinhard, well there are both bands. When you as SBX want to add new customer, you need to change configuration of SAA (if needed) and SAG. In Alliance Access Change Configuration Form, there is band for SBX called New Band of the Access Base License (usually not changed) and below you can add new Swift Destination (customer BIC) where you need to fill BIC and Band for specific customer. BAND 1 is < 1000 messages per day. Anyway if your organization traffic is higher than selected BAND Swift will automatically upgrade your BAND license (annual check). Good luck with exam!

    • Martin Ullmann
      Martin Ullmann Post author

      Hello Shanky,
      Firstly, you can read related documentation for exam on swift.com. It’s true that it’s not an easy reading.
      This exam is mandatory only for Service Bureau stuff so you should have an access to swift.com.
      if you register to course, you can get content in PDF afterwards. Unfortunately it is not allowed to share this document.
      But, all Service Bureaus must register to full certification within 2 years which costs 25 000 USD I think. Than Prometric exam costs 200 USD. training costs I think 200 USD. So I don’t see a reason why your organization should not allowed you to register to this training.

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    Romeo B

    Hi Martin,

    I registered to take the Swift On-Boarding exams on Feb 28th. I was wondering if to could explain to me the exams structure. I also hear it’s open book, it that right?

    • Martin Ullmann
      Martin Ullmann Post author

      Hi Remeo. I passed it in 2014 so it could changed. But there were 2 categories. Basics and scenarios. All useful tips are in post and comments. Get the swift presentation about onboarding. Good luck.