SWIFT Health-Check Assessment

Benefits: Reduce the risk, set benchmarks and execute improvements

The Swift Infrastructure Health-Check assessment is helping Banks, financial institutions and corporate clients to evaluate their current SWIFT Infrastructure setup. The output will simply highlight potential bottlenecks requiring attention and suggest some areas of improvement. It can be provided as an ad-hoc service or as a part of the pre-requisite for a SWIFT infrastructure upgrade project. The Health-Check assessment is comprised of a high level summary (including traffic light table) and a detailed report.



Security is an essential element of the SWIFT Infrastructure. This area includes password management, physical security, user profile setup, encryption, SSL setup, Firewall rules, certificate management, Security Officer role awareness etc.


Resiliency helps to mitigate risks and highlight single points of failure. Part of this assessment is to locate such points and suggest improvements. It includes current Production infrastructure setup, Disaster Recovery setup, VPN boxes setup, HSM cluster, SAG/SNL setup, certificate resiliency, additional Security Officers, spare Admin accounts, Backups, Resiliency testing etc. 

Hardware/Software Version Requirements

The assessment will determine which hardware/software patches your institution requires based on the SWIFT products being used. Such as: Swift (Alliance) product versions, Hardware Security (HSM) box firmware, OS security patching, Message Standards updates etc.


Typical Health-Check assignment is planned for 3.5 days which includes 3 days onsite to gather the required information and .5 days to finalise the report presentation and discussion. As an optional package we are offering an additional 1 day assessment of support/maintenance processes and sharing our Best practices and lessons learned (see below).

Standard Report output

The Health-Check assessment will contain a high level summary (with traffic lights table) and a detailed report covering as areas reviewed . Part of the assignment is to present the findings to the client and with a post presentation discussion.

Best Practice Operations – Optional 1 day package

Based on our hands on experience working with the SWIFT product range within different banks, financial institutions and corporate sites globally we can share our Best Practices and lessons learned.

Internal Support: Review of current monitors in place and their effectiveness, providing recommendations on which events/alarms should be monitored. Advice on task automation.
Problem Management: Review of internal SWIFT Problem Management process and maintenance of the Knowledge Base
Business/IT plans: Review of current plans and recommendations on effective Incident Escalation Plans, Business Continuity Plans and Backup/Restore plans.
Change Management: Assistance with change Testing, Roll-out and Rollback plans.
SWIFT Support: Assistance with contacting SWIFT Support services; what information they will require in order to assist more efficiently.

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