UPDATE – SNL 7.0.25 and SAA 7.0.70 mandatory patches review

SNL patch is fine but in SAA mandatory patch there are significant changes regarding Webplatform packages. In SAA 7.0.70 only Message Management package is supported. Changing from Messenger has direct impact on end users due to message template migration process.


Finaly we are on 7.0.70. patching went OK. SAA Server restart is needed. One important thing which is often forgotten. Usually in each new SAA patch there are new features available in user’s profiles. But in default all those features are not enabled. It is logical, however it is good practice to check after each patching what new features you have. In message management there is nice feature called COUNT, which count messages before you want to show them. Very handy and very common feature elsewhere. Many Thanks Swift 😉

SNL 7.0.25
So far so good. According release letter this is some kind of preparation for HSM boxes renewal. There are new features like monitoring speed fan in HSM boxes. I haven’t seen any problems with this patch.

SAA 7.0.70 features
This is mandatory patch and it seems that Swift is aware of it and add more detailed description and some instructions into release letter. There are a lot of new features especially regarding some standards enhancements. Finally there is improvement in MQHA adapter which should fix the problem with disabled message partners after connectivity break.

Webplatform and Message Management Package
Swift already announced that in this version Messenger will not be supported. I thought that it will be in some maintenance mode so we will be able to continue with it and slowly migrate users not in one big leap but continuously with lower risk. We have tried to migrate from Messenger once but it won’t work properly. In each release there are so many fixes so we’ve decided to wait a while. But now there is no other option. I have tested compatibility with latest SWP packages vs older SAA version and vice versa and always I found some limitations. So it is really so that you have to have same patch versions for SAA and SWP SAA packages. And there is no 2013 message standard package for Messenger.

Message Template Issue
Message Management has “nice” feature that templates created from Workstation or Messenger are not compatible. Those templates will be migrated by first use or you can migrate it in a batch. This is a new feature in SAA patch and it can really help you. There is even simulation of template migration to see which are not possible to migrate automatically. YES, not all templates can be migrated automatically. After migration you cannot use those templates anymore from Messenger nor Workstation! So first make a backup. There is also annoying popup window each time when you open migrated template. To get rid of this you might use save as feature and create same template with different name.

Patching must be prepared carefully
Because migration of message templates has direct impact on end users and potentially might have even negative business impact, it is necessary to plan this change carefully.

Anything more to add?


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