SAA 7.0.60 patch review 3

Even thought this is an optional patch I believe it is worth to look because it contains interesting new features and release letter contains interesting informations.

General description from Swift
Alliance Access 7.0.60 is an optional cumulative patch to be installed on top of release 7.0.50 or 7.0.57. It contains enhancements as well as software fixes. It also contains new GUI packages for Access Configuration, Monitoring, RMA , Message Management and Messenger on Alliance Web Platform. If used, Alliance Workstation 7.0.60 is required.You can find more information in the accompanying Release Letter.

New interesting features

    Enhanced handling of real-time FileAct
    Counting messages in Message Search
    Add-as message
    Enhanced message workflow for MX messages & Add new routing rules

There are more features and it seems that Swift was listening community more carefully now.
Especially Enhanced realtime FileAct handling I found very useful and I will describe it and add own experience in separate article. Counting messages in Message search is old feature which was reborn in Webplatform. If you are handling thousands of messages, count messages first to avoid showing thousands of messages in result which leads to extensive additional processing which has no value. Possibility to Add-as FIN message from archive into message creation is nice to have. I have mention feature regarding MX handling. Who is using MX? When SWIFT decided that MX won’t be successor of MT (FIN) and those formats will leave in peaceful coexistence, actually it kills any reasons why to migrate to MX. At least from business perspective. Swift introduced possibility to select fields for verification in interact message and suggest routing rules to add possibility to use verification queue also for MX messages. Yes indeed, I have tried in recent SAA setup and I can confirm that normally MX messages after creation are routed to authorization queue! So now we can say that MX are equal MT, finally.

Message management issue
On a paper it looks OK. Message management is new package instead of Messenger. It looks better and has some enhancements. For monitoring and administration purposes it works pretty well. But at least last version sucks regarding manual message workflow. I have decided to not implement it until there will be less than 20 fixes in new release. Resolved bugs are mentioned in Knowledge Base tip.
So how many resolved bugs this time? Regarding Message management there are 22 fixes. So maybe next time. Problem is that Swift mandates to use Message management with 2013 Standard release patch. To force someone to use something which seems that still has too many bugs is… well quite normal everywhere now.. it’s sad.

Patching as such
Without problem. There is a message with recommendation to remove unnecessary archives to decrease time needed for database changes. It is good after patching to log as Security Officer and check if there are some new features in message profiles which usually in default are not enabled. I have checked tip for Warning and Known Issues related to this patch and there are some issues especially for those who are still using Workstation.

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3 thoughts on “SAA 7.0.60 patch review

  • Avatar

    The new message management application requires an upgrade of the browser and also the computer memory (RAM to 2GB and above). Its seems it has been made heavier than the messenger application. There are a few bugs observed though; 1. It takes considerable time to route a message and when you continuously press the route button, duplicate instances of the message with the same reference number are created. 2. Sometimes during verification of messages, the RPC 500 error pops and the browser hangs which requires one to close and relaunch the browser. This sacks especially when it happens several times during rtgs time. Not sure whether this has been observed anywhere else.

    • Martin Ullmann
      Martin Ullmann Post author

      Hi Nelson!,
      Interesting. From client side I haven’t experienced such issues. True is that my HW is sufficient. If it is possible I would little experiment with different browsers, IE versions and maybe check connectivity. If possible try Firefox or Chrome.
      From sever side, you might extent Webplatfrom memory allocation by swp_dbconfig memory command. And remove old packages.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Martin for your prompt response. The old packages are removed though not tried the memory allocation tool. Will try to allocate memory and monitor the performance.