Experience from Release 7.0 troubleshooting boot camp 3

During SOFE in Frankfurt I had a nice opportunity to register for this training, which is organized by SWIFT. We’ve got a book (slides compilation) contains a lot of useful tip&tricks which you (of course) cannot find in official SWIFT User Guides. However part of it is shared via Tips […]

Trust – Swift Security Main Parameter

Despite on fact that SWIFT is one of the most secure system in the world, trust is still most important. There are various types of trust which needs to be achived.

Security Officer role underestimation 1

Now you might think that I will describe how SWIFT members underestimate importance of this role, how they do not know how to contact SWIFT, forgot password to swift.com or do not know how to recover PKI certificate.

Welcome to SwiftExperts site!

Hello world! This is new site. My name is Martin Ullmann. I’m working with SWIFT and I hope that I have something to tell you. World is changing and we are changing with it. I believe in world where knowledge and informations are best commodity. No borders, no prejudice. World […]