Swift On-Boarding exam info – Easy One 19

There were people asking about more details. Finally I took a change and got it on first try. It’s simple. Only one choice questions divided into 2 categories. I was done in 30 minutes from 1,5 hour. IF you are having experience with Swift customers on-boarding, helping them with SO […]

UPDATE – SNL 7.0.25 and SAA 7.0.70 mandatory patches review

SNL patch is fine but in SAA mandatory patch there are significant changes regarding Webplatform packages. In SAA 7.0.70 only Message Management package is supported. Changing from Messenger has direct impact on end users due to message template migration process.

Bad Examples in SWIFT Implementations 2

The best you can do is learning from others mistakes. SWIFTNET connectivity might be really complex and follow the best practices is sometimes done only on paper. Typical factors why SWIFTNET connectivity is done incorrectly is usually time pressure together with unprepared environment and related costs.

swiftcommunity.net will be closed (UPDATE) 7

UPDATE: Now this info is official and you can find public statement on swift.com. One alternative which SWIFT mentioned is Blogging:Wordpress. I think they mean us 🙂 !! According Information report IR633 called Project Focus – review of product portfolio from SWIFT’s Board papers swiftcommunity.net project will be decommisioned and few […]

Introduction to SWIFTNet 2

Hi Guys, being my first SWIFT post i would like to cover something so basic thats impossible to screw up. So what’s SWIFTNet? it’s basically a term used to describe the worldwide financial industry solution targeted at providing a unified standardized communication infrastructure enabling various disparate financial applications that are […]

SwiftExperts Community Is Growing 4

Hello all, this is great news! I haven’t expected that so early. Last week I have created additional accounts for new swiftexperts members. Still the number is one digit, but we’ve got interest!

Swift Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License. For manual editing SAA parameter files or to compare SAA XSD versions is awesome.

SAA 7.0.60 patch review 3

Even thought this is an optional patch I believe it is worth to look because it contains interesting new features and release letter contains interesting informations.

Swift Operations Forum Europe 2012 in Frankfurt

Like every autumn, SOFE is here. For me it is always the biggest opportunity to meet friends, make new friends and have possibility to discuss SWIFT related stuff. This was my third SOFE so I believe I can compare.