SOFE 2014 in Paris – invited & rejected 1

As customary every year I received my invitation to register for the SOFE conference. It’s a particularly good opportunity to meet other SWIFT customers and discuss upcoming changes/improvements to the system. Since I’m participating on behalf of one the Nordics Service Bureaux I tried to register with their BIC but […]

HSM renewal – Experience 2

Every institution running SWIFT connectivity, utilising HSM boxes, is required to perform a mandatory action by September 2015. Either; renew existing HSM boxes or migrate to Alliance Remote Gateway I have performed the HSM box renewal process and would like to share my experience.

Swift Sanction “Screeming” – what will happen?

It’s all up in the air. Will Russia suffer by applying similar financial sanctions as EU did on Iran? Although some people are calling for it, SWIFT are not. Just the debate over the subject is sending a strong signal to financial community. Who will be next? SWIFT’s headquarter location […]

Interview with Marc Braet, Managing Partner INTIX

I know Marc for some time now and we met last time at SOFE in Amsterdam. I really like the INTIX solution and naturally we became partners in a way to help INTIX in their journey. I asked Marc if we can do this “interview” to share more information and […]

SSB Admin Must Read – SAA 7.0.75 patching experience

I would like to shortly share my experience with latest SAA patch. There was one unpleasant behavior, which in SSB setup might have negative impact on customer’s experience. This patch is really huge. There are changes in Oracle DB, so it took a while. Archive & Backup & Remove as […]

How to make the brave move from commercial to open source

by Mihai Guiman I work for a private ISV and consultancy company focused on delivering software products for financial institutions. Three years ago my company decided to share our achievements and knowledge by publishing our application, FinTP, for processing financial transactions under an open source license. Here, I will explore the changes […]

SOFE 2013 Amsterdam

Amsterdam, what a beautiful citi. I was amazed how cycling is really part of its live. You can see there that everything is possible. Even cycling with 3 small children in some wooden box. But people without bike must be really careful during crossing the streets. So how SOFE was […]

Can FinTP turn 2014 into an open source milestone?

This is not meant as a mini history of open source important moments, but as a reminder that not all bold ideas are necessarily crazy ones.  1983 – Richard Stallman starts the GNU Project, a mass collaboration project for open and free software that has resulted in a huge amount […]