HSM box renewal onsite intervention

SWIFT will replace existing Hardware Security Module (HSM) boxes as the existing boxes reach end-of-life. All existing boxes must be replaced by 30 September 2015

SwiftExperts can help you with HSM box renewal steps. We know what to do and we have already DONE that.

You can read more detailed info in our HSM Renewal – Experience post 

Typical assignment would require few days onsite. We recommend to combine this short term assignment together with SWIFT Health-Check or tailored training for SWIFT support team.

Price consists of consultant hourly rate and travel expenses.

If you want to do it in house but would like someone to double check your approach, we can help to create step-by-step instructions which are tailored to your environment.

We can also assist with recent HSM boxes HOT FIX security patching either as onsite intervention or prepare step-by-step guide for your specific configuration.

Please contact info@swiftexperts.com for further info.