LAU for SWIFT Message Partners 1

Introduction In past couple of years SWIFT started taking security more serious than before, SIP (Shared infrastructure Programme which regulates Service Bureaux activities) is becoming more security-oriented as of it’s version 2 and the recent 3, CSP (Customer Security Programme which is intended to become a framework for customers to […]

Mohammad Diba

Going to SOFE in Berlin?, then visit our stand!

Dear friends, After a few years of attending the SOFE conference as a participant, this year I will be attending as an exhibitor! I’m part of the Incentage crew and we are eager to show you how our products can enhance your business and operation’s efficiency in financial messaging. I can show you what […]

SWIFT Adoption Challenges for Corporations

Treasury centralization, liquidity management, operational expenditure management, data reference, trade finance, and e-banking have incessantly raised operational challenges for corporations. SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and other technology providers have built solutions to address most of the industry’s requirements, improve automation, and advance liquidity and capital management. SWIFT […]

Target 2 Securities First Wave

T2S provides a harmonized single platform for all securities transactions in Europe, settled in central bank money. The single platform will hold securities accounts and bank cash accounts, along with connectivity to systems outside T2S i.e. RTGS systems like Target 2. The benefits are intended to be lower cost of […]

ISO20022 for TARGET2 and EBA STEP1/EURO1

The decision by the ECB (closely followed by the EBA) to migrate TARGET2 and EURO1/STEP1 from SWIFT MT to ISO20022 MX formats was perceived to be forward thinking and potentially driving the payments industry down the ISO20022 path for high value payments (long being the purview of the SWIFT MT […]

SWIFT 2015 Changes – Payments

The changes to field 59 scheduled next year, and which have been in the public domain for a long period of time have shrouded the recent changes which provide, in my mind, an opportunity for develop the customer relationship. I refer to the new time stamp fields in the MT900 […]